Bone Regeneration


The xenograft bone material that is most similar to human bone

Key Features

  • Pore and surface structures that facilitate osteogenesis
  • Outstanding blood wettability promotes osteogenesis
  • Outstanding volume maintaining properties are appropriate for use in esthetic areas

Pore and Surface Structures that Facilitate Osteogenesis

  • Three-deminsional micropores facilliate inflow of blood
  • Rough surface structure helps attachment of abundant osteoblasts

Outstanding Volume Maintaining Properties are Appropriate for use in Esthetic Areas

  • Stable maintenance of blood during osteogenesis period
  • Appropriate for anterior part where maintaining voume if critical
  • Stable volume maintenance even when used with allograft or synthetic graft

Outstanding Blood Wettability Promotes Osteogenesis

  • Outstanding pore structure provides excellent blood wettablilty
  • Osteoblasts in blood forms large quantity of bone