Implant System

Narrow Ridge System

One-piece implant for narrow ridge region

Key Features

  • One Body Implant
  • 3 types, Narrow Ridge, Denture, Provisional
  • Non Submerged Type Implant
  • Small diameter for Narrow Ridge & narrow interdental region
  • Small but excellent strength
  • Convenient loading of Prosthesis

MS System Body Type

The MS Implant System was especially designed for narrow ridge application. The MS System contains small, one-piece implants. The implants can be placed into the bone and usually can be loaded immediately after placement in the lower jaw. The direction of the implant can be corrected during insertion, which provides the MS Implant System with a very high rate of success.


    MS System Surgical KIT

    Drills, driver and tools for placing MS system Implant

    Clinical Cases

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