Surgical Kits



Key Features

  • Rapid and safe Membrane Elevation
  • CAS Drill that prevents Membrane Perforation
  • Simple and Safe Membrane Elevation with Hydrualic Pressure
  • Rapid and convenient Bone Filling

Rapid and Safe Membrane Elevation

A safer and more convenient surgical procedure for elevating the sinus membrane is now possible without malletting

Simple and Safe Membrane Elevation Achieved with Water Pressure

  • Membrane elevated high and wide using water pressure
  • Excellent bone regenerating ability due to smooth blood supply to the elevated sinus

CAS Drill that Prevents Membrane Perforation

Safe surgery without membrane perforations enabled with a patented drill ㅍexclusively designed for the purpose of sinus surgeries

Rapid and Convenient Bone Filling

A funnel-shaped bone carrier and a bone condenser with optimal diameter for bone filling enables convenient bone filling without secondary infections