Implant System

Bone Level Implant

Submerged Type Implant with an Internal Hex 11° Tapered connection structure

Key Features

•Connection - Mini / Regular
•Effect of improved initial stability in soft bone with smaller threads in the upper section
•Corkscrew thread & cutting edge
•Various body shape options available to match the patient’s bone quality and clinical condition
•Applicable surface types - SA / CA / BA / SOI

Corkscrew thread & cutting edge

  • Superior self-threading effect for ease of placement path adjustment
  • Enhanced initial stability in soft bone and application of consistent placement torque according to the drill diameter

    Various body shape options are available to match the patient’s bone quality and clinical condition

    • TSII (Straight body): Easy to adjust placement depth
    • TSIII (1.5° Tapered body) Excellent initial stability needed for immediate loading, even in soft bone
    • TSIV (6° Tapered body) Specifically designed for use in the maxillary sinus and soft bone, providing excellent initial stability

    Different Platform

    •Connection - Mini / Regular

    Depending on the connection between the fixture and abutment, connected to either the internal or external side of the Fixture for different systems.


    Surface Types

    Different surface treatment

    • SA: Optimal surface roughness for maximised surface area contact with the bone
    • CA: The Implant surface is dipped in an aqueous calcium solution to prevent carbon adsorption and promote excellent blood wettability
    • BA: A premium implant surface coated with a thin layer of hydroxyapatite that closely resembles human bone
    • SOI: A superior surface covered with clot formation-promoting materials for maximising osseointegration activity.