Digital Solutions

OneGuide KIT

Osstem Full Digital Guided Surgery

Key Features

•Sleeveless type: 2 types, open type and close type
•Two types of guide holes for different implant diameter
•Double contact function for excellent implant placement accuracy
•Simple drilling sequence by using drill bit shape of 122 Taper KIT drill


Shortening Drilling Steps Dramatically by Adopting 122 Concepts

Possible to implant from 2~4 steps only according to bone quality


Possible to Implant Teeth No. 7 in Spite of Intermaxillary Space Limit through Side Open

  • As the drill is inserted through a side window according to the patient's oral status, it is possible to solve the intermaxillary space limit
  • perfectlyRequired intermaxillary space: OneGuide-36mm, Conventional guide-51mm
  • Available to choose open or closed if required

Possible to do Precise Surgery with Unshaken Drilling

  • Initial drilling: Precise drilling is available as the drill can be contacted with a guide area within 3mm
  • Backward drilling: Precise drilling is available as the drill is contacted with a guide due to the Taper Drill effect

Possible for Fast Surgery Without Worrying About Bone Heating

  • Enabling fast drilling without heating through the side open, which facilitates douche from OneGuide and outstanding cutting force of drills (Recommended rpm: 800~1,200rpm)